domingo, 24 de julho de 2011

Diário de Bordo (parte VIII)

I’m deeply impressed with myself. Seriously. I was able not only to buy and get all the requests from my friends, girlfriend, acquaintances etc but also folded all the cardboard boxes from my aunt’s garage and even managed to clean it. I feel truly proud of myself. Well, you could argue that it was a task that was asked to me almost a month ago, but still, the important is that the job was done. I stayed home by myself several days and managed it just fine, that’s another reason to be proud… I think. This whole experience really taught me a bit how it would be if I lived alone. Even though this house I’m currently at is way bigger than any house I’ll be able to afford in, at least, 20 years, it was like a glimpse. I liked it. Never mind the immediate issues with organization and cleaning that I clearly have, I think I’m ready for that kind of experience now.

Amy Winehouse has died. I’m not sad nor anything. I didn’t like her and her music was just OK for me, but still, she was one of those talented icons that overdo drugs and that kinda shit and pays the price way too early. She was only 27 ( the cursed age). She will probably enter the Hall of Fame for doing… nothing at all and will become stamp material for shirts, pins, mugs or whatever. A shame that she’ll be put in a level much higher than she actually deserves (in my humble opinion) but it’s a character that carved its place into music history anyways.

Speaking of music, I just got back from the INXS concert and, oh boy, they didn’t let me down. Even though the opening band (that I’m still trying to figure out the name) was on stage for way too long and the main event actually occurred almost 1 hour after the initial time, it’s OK. With loads of inspired guitar riffs, creepy and kinda hypnotic dancing from the lead singer and awesome partners the night was really great. I got the chance to sing New Wave anthems like New Sensation (even though it was a mellow version by some unknown female guest) and Need You Tonight. I also got to sing one of my favorite songs of all time: Beautiful Girl. It was perfect (No kidding!). We dind’t stay for the encore, but it really doesn’t matter. A really nice ending for my USA summer tour.

My time is running out. This is probably my last post from Las Vegas, which is unfortune, but also a happy moment. I’ve said it before but it’s never too much to say that these vacations were freakin’ awesome. One of the best I’ve ever had. So at a time like this, almost 2 A.M, I look back at this past month and can only see reasons to smile… a lot.

Lots have happened since I left Brasil and even though I tried to keep in touch with its reality through websites and stuff it isn’t quite the same. Probably important things have occurred. Things that, as a journalist, I should know. I’ll have a hard time catching up with everything but hey. I had a good excuse. I’m glad I got closer to my US family (that goes way beyond blood bonds) and I don’t regret not even a bit of doing anything. It’s time to get back to reality with my head full of new and interesting stuff and my bags even fuller ( is that a word?). That’s It. Adeus. See You Soon

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